Class: \Flextype\Component\Date\Date

Visibility Function
public static days() : array
Get number of days. $months = Date::days();
public static daysInMonth(int/\integer $month, \integer $year=null) : int
Returns the number of days in the requested month $days = Date::daysInMonth(1);
public static dos2unix(int/\integer $timestamp) : int
Converts a DOS timestamp to UNIX format. $unix = Date::dos2unix($dos);
public static format(int/\integer $date, \string $format='j.n.Y') : int
Get format date echo Date::format($date, 'j.n.Y');
public static hours(\integer $step=1, \boolean $long=false, \integer $start=null) : array
Get number of hours, incrementing by a step. $hours = Date::hours();
public static minutes(\integer $step=5, int/\integer $start, \integer $end=60) : array
Get number of minutes in a hour, incrementing by a step. $minutes = Date::minutes();
public static months() : array
Get number of months. $months = Date::months();
public static season() : string
Get current season name echo Date::season();
public static seconds(\integer $step=1, int/\integer $start, \integer $end=60) : array
Get number of seconds in a minute, incrementing by a step. $seconds = Date::seconds();
public static timezones() : array
Get Time zones
public static today(\string $format='m.d.y') : string
Get today date echo Date::today();
public static tomorrow(\string $format='m.d.y') : string
Get tomorrow date echo Date::tomorrow();
public static unix2dos(int/\integer $timestamp) : int
Converts a UNIX timestamp to DOS format. $dos = Date::unix2dos($unix);
public static years(\integer $start=1980, \integer $end=2024) : array
Get number of years. $years = Date::years();
public static yesterday(\string $format='m.d.y') : string
Get yesterday date echo Date::yesterday();
protected static _range(mixed $step, mixed $start, mixed $end, bool $flag=false) : void
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