Class: \Flextype\Component\Cookie\Cookie

Visibility Function
public static delete(string $name) : boolean
Deletes a cookie by making the value NULL and expiring it. Cookie::delete('theme');
public static get(string $key, mixed $default=null) : mixed
Get a cookie $username = Cookie::get('username');
public static salt(string $name, string $value) : string
Generates a salt string for a cookie based on the name and value. $salt = Cookie::salt('theme', 'red');
public static set(\string $key, \string $value, \integer $lifetime=null) : bool
Set a cookie Cookie::set('username', 'Awilum');
protected static _setcookie(string $name, string $value, integer $expire, string $path, string $domain, boolean $secure, boolean $httponly) : bool
Proxy for the native setcookie function
protected static _time() : int
Proxy for the native time function
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