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Entries are the fundamental building-blocks of your site. Each entry in Flextype should contains Entry Front Matter block in YAML format at the top of the file and Entry Content marked up using HTML + Markdown + Shortcodes at the bottom of the file.

Here is a basic example:

title: My Entry
description: My entry description
My entry content.

Between triple-dashed lines, you can set predefined variables or even create custom ones of your own. These variables will then be available to you to access in site templates.

Using in the templates:

<h1>{{ entry.content }}</h1>
<p>{{ entry.description }}</p>
{{ entry.content }}

Entries and Urls structure in Flextype

All content entries are located in the /site/entries folder. Each Entry should be placed in its own folder.

Folder names should also be valid slugs. Slugs are entirely lowercase, with accented characters replaced by letters from the Latin alphabet and whitespace characters replaced by a dash or an underscore, to avoid being encoded.

Physical Location URL
site/entries/home/entry.md /
site/entries/blog/my-post/entry.md /blog/my-post
site/entries/a/very/long/url/entry.md /a/very/long/url

Predefined Entry Variables

There are a number of predefined global variables that you can set in the front matter of a entry.

  • published_at
  • created_at
  • modified_at
  • slug
  • content

Custom Entry Variables

You can create any custom entry front matter variables using valid YAML syntax.


title: My Entry
description: My entry description
  twitter: "@getflextype"
My entry content.

Using in the templates:

{{ entry.author.twitter }}

Entries visibility

Content visibility is about controlling who can see your entries. Flextype allows you to control the visibility of your entries and Pages on an individual basis. By default, all entries are visible.

Available values for option visibility

  • visible
  • draft
  • hidden

Also your entries can be routable and not. You can set true or false for routable option. By default it is true

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